Centered Mind, Yoga Bum – How I Found My Inner Yogini


My thoughts on yoga have always been the same –  that it’s a slow, boring yet fundamental practice, similar to ballet for me.  Growing up dancing, I always knew the importance of the practice.  If you have a strong foundation, everything else can build from that.  But unlike ballet, I stayed far away from any form of yoga class.  That was until I became pregnant with my little man.  Your body goes through so many changes that I knew integrating yoga into my workout routine would be truly beneficial as my body grew and changed, both for me and the baby.  Unfortunately, my first experience was less than ideal.  Like any other workout class, the instructor is key and mine was just not my cup of tea.  It was less about stretching and moving your body and more about connecting with it spiritually.  Yeah, I’m good, but thanks.  Let’s just say I did not go back.  For the remainder of my pregnancy, I took to my mat at home.


Fast forward a few months, I have an adorable infant boy and this momma was wanting to get out of the house, connect with my new bundle of joy and stretch out the aches and pains that this new mother was feeling from trying to carry him as much as I could.  To the world wide web I go and into my life walks Haillie Dumont and Vega Vitality.  Since finding this class we have been every week, no questions.  Haillie is truly a pleasure to learn from, extremely knowledgeable and Brodeman loves her!  The class is Mom & Baby Yoga.  The space is beautiful and pint-sized, perfect for small group classes.  The view of Copley Square from the studio doesn’t hurt either!


Mom and Baby Yoga is the perfect meld of time spent practicing with your baby and time spent on you and your needs as a mother.  Haillie always starts out the class asking if there are any special requests for areas of our body that we would like to focus attention on that day.  So you know she cares about you and doesn’t have a generic set of poses and stretches already set out.  Class then begins by stretching out your munchkin – lengthening his/her arms and legs, doing cross-body stretches, rolling out their hips.  After about 20 minutes of focus on your baby, class then moves on to the mothers.  She is really great about making sure you have proper alignment and that the moves are truly targeting those areas that needed further work.  The little ones get to hang out with you on their own yoga mat, on your yoga mat, visiting their neighbor baby or in their car seat in the room.  My little man pretty much spends the time rolling about giggling with his favorite giraffe or flirting with the other ladies.  Class always ends with savasana.  If at anytime during class you need to feed your infant, change them or do anything at all, you can feel free.  It’s a very warm and welcoming environment.


I will definitely miss this class once the little man becomes more mobile!


Vega Vitality is located at 551 Boylston Street on the 4th floor.

Mom and Baby Yoga runs on Wednesday’s at 11am.


Taming The Ladies – My Favorite Sports Bras


If you’re anything like me, finding a truly supportive sports bra is anything but fun.  I have always been blessed in the lady department and after having my son and breastfeeding they only got bigger.  With that, it became even harder than before for me to simply pick any bra off the rack and know it would be able to support me.  Wah wah!  I have now been pushed into the realms of doing my research and paying up for ones that truly support so that I am not forced to “double-up” in order to not be hit in the face by my lovely lady parts.

Here are my favorites – they have worked for me, so hopefully they will work for you!


New Balance – The Shockingly Unshocking

Zappos – $50

What I love about this one is that not only is it super supportive but the straps can be altered so that you can easily breastfeed your infant yet it’s not your typical nursing bra that you would only really wear while nursing.  Plus, the fact that the straps have the ability to be adjusted makes it that much more comfortable and molded to your own body.



Moving Comfort – Rebound Racer

Zappos – $50

Like the New Balance bra, this one also have straps that can be adjusted therefore giving you easy access to the ladies for breastfeeding and yet not feel like you shelled out a pretty penny for a bra you will only wear for a year or so then get rid of.   Plus, any sports bra that can be tweaked even just a little bit further for you gets bonus points in my book.



Lululemon – TaTaTamer III

Lululemon – $58

I mean the name says it all!  I was a bit hesitant to try any of the Lululemon sports bras as I always feel like their products tend to be geared towards those who don’t have to worry about serious support but boy was I wrong!  This bra is everything you want in a sports bra – supportive yet feminine looking and all without feeling suffocated as can be the case.



Nike – Pro Bra

Nike – $22.50 – $30

My “go to” sports bra for my everyday activities where I don’t need quite as much support.  It’s only about low / medium support so if you’re planning on running or doing more intense cardio then this isn’t the bra for that.  But it’s super comfortable and they are always coming out with crazy fun prints to give your outfit a little bit of jazz.


Thursday Taste: Lamb Chops



To say my husband is a meat and potatoes guy would be the understatement of the year.  Since I am hardly Martha Stewart in the kitchen, I am working to build my manly-dish repertoire.  First up is lamb chops.



  • 5lbs lamb chops
  • 1 whole onion
  • 1 cup carrots
  • 1 potato
  • 2tbsp (minced) garlic
  • 3tbsp balsamic vinegar
  • salt & pepper to taste




  • Slice your onion into rounds – place the rounds at the bottom of your crockpot
  • Place your lamb chops on top of the sliced onion in the crockpot
  • I like to cook my potato and carrot before putting them into the crockpot to soften them up. Chop up the potato and about a cup of carrots.  Put them in a bowl with water (just enough to cover your vegetables) and put them in the microwave for about 4-5min to soften them up.  Drain out the water.  Put the slightly cooked potato and carrots into the crockpot around the lamb chops.
  • Add in your garlic, balsamic vinegar and salt & pepper
  • Cook on low for at least 6 hours
  • The longer you cook them, the more tender and juicier they will be.




Thursday Taste: Turkey Meatloaf


I have to thank my sister for introducing me to this next recipe.  Up until she made it for me on a recent trip to visit her, I had always had a negative impression of Meatloaf or associated it with Will Ferrell in the movie The Wedding Crasher (“MAA MORE MEATLOAF”).  But I have to admit I had been wrong, Meatloaf can be pretty tasty!

This recipe is courtesy of Giada De Laurentiis with the exception of a couple ingredient changes.

I still haven’t gotten my husband on the bandwagon, so I like to make this recipe and store in the fridge for my lunch.  Relatively simple to make and much better than what I probably would be eating otherwise.



  • ½ cup plain dried bread crumbs
  • 1/3 cup chopped parsley leaves
  • 1/3 cup chopped marinated sun-dried tomatoes
  • 2 tbsp minced garlic
  • 2 large organic eggs
  • ¼ cup olive oil
  • ½ cup crumbled feta cheese
  • 2 tbsp Mrs Dash Salt-Free Seasoning
  • 1 lb ground turkey



  • Preheat oven to 350 degrees
  • In a large bowl, combine and stir bread crumbs, parsley, tomatoes, garlic, eggs, olive oil, feta and Mrs Dash
  • Slowly add in the ground turkey
  • Once all ingredients have been thoroughly mixed together, carefully pack the mixture into a 9×5 nonstick loaf pan (sprayed with cooking spray)
  • Mixture should fill the pan about halfway
  • Bake until the internal temp reaches 165 degrees – roughly 40 – 45 minutes
  • Remove the pan from the oven and let cool for about 5 minutes
  • Slice and ENJOY!



Get Out & Explore – Boston Play Spaces


I am a huge fan of getting out and about with my mini.  My husband and I decided early on (week 1) that we would get out of the house with our new little munchkin as much as we could and I have tried to maintain that no matter what.  As he gets older, we have found it easier to do but it was important for us to maintain some semblance of our life before baby as well as getting him used to different places and noises.  Sometimes it’s good to get out and just walk around the city with him for some fresh air and a change of pace.  Fortunately, the summer is great for walks or going to the park – in general it’s easier to get out of the house on the warm, sunny days.  But for those rainy, cold or wintery days when you feel like you may go stir-crazy at home with your little one I have found some great play spaces that allow you to get some air and some of that baby energy out!

Brodeman and I have found the ones listed below so far.  Just a note: most of these places also host children’s classes.

Have fun!


Boston Public Library

700 Boylston Street, Boston


Inside Playground

100 Parker Street, Watertown


Inside Playground creates its unique presence among other playgrounds by permitting the children to engage themselves in activities from morning to evening, seven days a week.


Kids’ Fun Stop

1580 VFW Parkway, West Roxbury



Little Lovage Club

778 Tremont Street, Boston


We offer a wide range of creative and exciting classes for babies, toddlers and children up to six years old. Our spirited classes include art, music, dance, fitness, enrichment, and much more!


Mama and Me

284 Armory Street, Jamaica Plain


Mama & Me offers a wide range of prenatal, postpartum, and child development classes for families in the Boston area. Our unique parenting community brings together new and expecting families and offers a supportive network of professionals and educators to help navigate the early years of parenting.


Toddler Town

260 Victory Road, Quincy


Toddler town sets out to provide children (Infant to six years of age) with a high quality play opportunity at one of the top recreational facilities on the South Shore. With a fun and nurturing environment children can solo or join in with others in games and activities.