Mommin’: My First Year

I was thinking this morning as I was about to rouse my 13-month old son from a nearly 14-hour sleep, wow I really wish my self of a year ago knew how much of a sleeper her son is going to be.  There are other things I would say to my self of a year ago so why not share them with my friends here.

The first two weeks are going to be hard . . like really HARD.  If you’re a new mom or adding to your tribe, big changes are about to happen.  Change always take time.  Remember your new little love has never been outside the womb so EVERYTHING is new to him/her.  Your little love is essentially used to doing whatever, whenever they wanted so it will take a little time to get used to eating and sleeping on any sort of schedule.  Even clothing is new.  Your body won’t feel like your body so make sure you’re prepared with a donut cushion, pads, tucks, nursing pads, “grannie panties” and more!  Don’t worry after a week or two you will so SOOO much better.  For the first two weeks, my little nugget slept virtually everywhere but his crib.  So make sure to have plenty of water, snacks and maybe a good book close by just in case he/she loves a mommy cuddle to sleep.


Be patient.  Your little love will go through so many phases that could last a day, a few days, a few weeks or more.  So don’t stress or fret.  Things will “get better”!  I realize that at the time it doesn’t feel like that but trust me.  Your little love is simply adjusting to the new world around them.  My bug was NOT a sleeper.  He sleep in tiny doses and only ever on me.  I thought please SLEEP little man.  Especially that stretch when he thought 3/4am was a perfectly acceptable hour to start your day.  Well by 8 weeks he was sleeping 8 hours a night and by 10 months it was 12 hours a night.  So know that things can change but they will be at the pace of your little human – not you.  Also, don’t be afraid to try new things.  I probably would have shared a room with my tiny human forever but at my husband’s nudge I finally moved back into our bedroom and my tiny human started sleeping “through the night”.


My least favorite phrase was “Every baby is different”.  Well, I still want your advice or to know what you did.  Come on mommas, I want any nugget of wisdom you have.  I know it may or may not work for my snuggle bunny but I’m willing to give it a try.   So read up, try new things, but in the end do what you feel is best for you and your bundle of joy.  I slept in the Brodie’s room for the first 8 weeks.  It worked for me but funny how the minute I moved out of his room and back into my own, he started sleeping 8 hours a night.  Coincidence . . . .


Remember in the end it’s all about what works for YOUR family and YOUR baby.


To make it more fun – here are my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE products from my tiny human’s first year.


Merlin Sleep Sack

We didn’t use this for reasons you probably think.  Brodie learned to roll-over fairly quickly but took his time learning to go back.  Well, that made sleeping a problem for him since he would roll over straight away and get freaked out when he woke up on his front not knowing how to get himself back over.  So until he figured it out on his own, we used the Merlin Suit to keep him from rolling over.  GENIUS!


Baby Bjorn / Ergo Baby

I am a HUGE fan of baby-wearing.  If you see my Instagram, you will know this fairly early on.  I think it’s an amazing feeling of having your little love all snugged into you and know he will eventually get too big for his momma to wear him like this.  I do think this is something you try out to figure what will work for you or even if you’ll like it yourself.  My sister loves wraps but I did not.  I found them awkward and annoying.  They just confused me to no end.  I do have both of these – the Baby Bjorn and an Ergo Baby.  I think the variety and the fact that they both wear different on my body so I like to alternate between the two so as not to put too much strain on the same body parts (i.e. – soldiers, hips, back).


Baby Einstein Jumparoo

I’m not lying when I say, this contraption has lasted the longest and is one of Brodie’s favorites.  You can change the settings so it grows with your little love.  There is so much going on that at first he/she can simply sit and play, learn to bounce or use their leg muscles and really go crazy.


Samsung Baby Monitor

Our decision to get a video monitor is one I have never had one regret over.  You can turn both the video and volume on or off.  You see we have a talker!  Sometimes he likes to talk in his sleep.  So times when you would think he was awake ready to start his day or wake from a nap, he’s actually still sleeping just chatting with his friends.  So this has been like gold dust to actually be able to see him while he sleeps.


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