Moms – Treat Yo Self


ENERGIZE YOUR PASSION is about getting back to what your heart desires.  When I first became a mom, I thought it meant giving up a part of myself but what I have found is that there is now a very important reason for me to focus on myself, focus on what will make me a better, stronger wife and mother, friend, daughter, women.  Because at the end of the day I am all of those but if you let go of yourself you are actually doing yourself and those you love the most a disservice.  When I got back to what I love, when I gave myself time each day to focus on me, that is when I became a better, stronger mother.  You are happier, you feel healthier, you have a pep in your step and you feel STRONG.

I want other moms, women to know that it is OKAY to focus on yourself.  It’s okay to do something for YOU – whether that’s 30 minutes a day – an hour a week, whatever that is, it doesn’t matter just do something for YOU.

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