Planning to Succeed: My TOP TIPS for Battling the Bulge

Planning to Succeed: My TOP TIPS for Battling the Bulge

  • Get enough sleep
    • Sleep can make such a big difference on how you feel – mind and body.  Not only does it make you feel better but your mind, weight and heart will all benefit.


  • Eat every 2-3 hours
    • Keep your metabolism burning all day long.  People often think starving yourself and going long periods between meals is good for weightless but in fact it is the exact opposite.  Your body starts to work off reserves and cuts back – leaving you sluggish and your metabolism slows down.


  • Exercise
    • It doesn’t matter what you do but get your body moving. There are so many options out there to get you active – walking, yoga running, bootcamp classes, cycling.  Find something you enjoy doing and you are more apt to stick with it.  Try to be as active as you can.  It’s not only good for keeping you healthy and fit but the benefits link to your heart and is an amazing stress reliever.


  • Plan ahead – snacks
    • I always keep healthy snacks and a shaker bottle with a Shakeology packet packed in my baby bag just in case we are out later than planned.  You don’t want to end up hungry with nothing to eat and have a #Snaccident
    • Apples, Bananas and nuts are all great for throwing in your bag.


  • Plan ahead – meal planning
    • I always plan out my week with regards to my family’s meals and snacks on Sundays then hit up the grocery store to ensure I have all the ingredients that I need.  The better you plan, the more likely you will be to succeed.
    • I also like to use services like Peapod, Instacart or Amazon Fresh to get my groceries.  This ensure I am less likely to go off the rails with what goes in my cart.


  • Limit your alcohol
    • Yes I said it!  I love wine!  But if I’m struggling with my weight, it’s the first thing to cut back on.  If you’re struggling with those last 10 pounds, or even 5, cut it out and see what happens.  I think a lot of times we forget that alcohol has calories and they can add up really fast.


  • Cut out the sugar
    • Amongst other benefits of ditching sugar from you diet is that you’ll cut back on unnecessary calories which will help you lose some lbs

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