Mommin: Firsts, Lasts and Everything In Between

It’s crazy and hard for me to believe that my little man will be 18 months this week. You get to this place where it’s hard to imagine what life before him was like.   Hitting up the movies on a snowy afternoon or grabbing a nice dinner at the spur of the moment, heck even flying solo.

Something truly awesome about motherhood is all the firsts you get to experience with your little bundle.  Naps, feedings, rolling over, movements, sounds, words, crawling, foods, walking, the list goes on and on.  But the flip side is that some of those don’t last long and if only you got a little heads up as to when it would happen for the last time, maybe I would snap a pic, whether in my mind or in reality to remember these moments better.  It tugs at the heartstrings not to remember the last time he was snuggled into the Ergo out on a walk with our fur baby Mr Bo Jangles and fell asleep.  I never received a memo – hey mom I won’t be breastfeeding anymore or this is probably the last time I’ll fall asleep and nap in your arms or remembering the last time I wore him all snuggled in.
In a day and age where it’s all social media – Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat oh my.  You can get lost in all the apps on your phone.  It’s time to be present, live in the moment and simply enjoy every moment – the snuggles and laughs, learning, exploring, growing and crying – as I know it won’t last long and one day I will turn around and he will be yet another year older.
For now, I fear we’re moving into the “terrible twos” and I’m going to lean on my snuggles and workouts  . . . oh and wine and just take it all in.

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