Everybody Jump Jump . . Oh Wait, Not YOU – Sky Zone Everett Review.

As a new mom to a tiny human under 2 years old, I rely pretty heavily on the word of mouth recommendations of my fellow moms.  Having owned a brick and mortar business in the area myself, I know just how sneaky Yelp can be with their reviews, so I’ve learned to take them with a grain of salt.  Although, I’m sure you can google this to find out what I’m talking about for yourself, but I’m just going to say that what you read is true.

Now, I will say this.  I am a pretty positive person and not a fan of negative reviews so you won’t see very many of them on my blog.  I tend to feel that everyone is different so what works for one person may not be someone else’s cup of tea.  But, being a new mom, I felt I wanted to share my experiences of Sky Zone Everett.

I love taking my tiny human to new places and finding fun activities for us to do, especially in the Winter to get out of the house here in Boston.  So when I saw there was a jump park not too far from our house, I figured why not give it a whirl.  They have toddler time hours twice a week – on Mondays and Wednesdays from 9:30 – 11am – when the entire place is closed down except for our littles ages 0 – 4.  This is when I first took Brodeman.

Initially, the place is pretty hard to find as it’s at the very back of an industrial park.  Honestly, if it wasn’t during the light of day, I would have had horror movies playing in my head.  But once you get there, they have ample parking and a massive facility with a concession, bathrooms and lockers / cubbies.  You’ll want to complete the liability waiver online before you go as it can get pretty busy on the weekends and you’ll need to purchase their special grippy bright orange socks for $2 each as this is not included in your fee.

Our first visit was during one of their Toddler Times.  Their were about half a dozen toddlers with their “chaperones”.  I was told to purchase the special grippy socks for myself as well so that I could go on and around the trampolines with my son during this time, which to me made sense.  He’s under a 1.5 years old and like me, isn’t always too keen on being adventurous but tends to open up after a bit with some guidance from mom and from watching older kids.  He jumped, ran about and just had a great time with the other kids.  Like me, the other parents / chaperones were enjoying this quality time WITH their kids as well.  Being able to play and have genuine, active fun away from televisions is key these days.

After having a great time with Brodie here the first time, we decided to go as a family on a Sunday afternoon.  Unfortunately, my experience was vastly different from the first time.  I did not book ahead online so we had to wait 30 minutes when we got there to be able to jump as we were told the toddler area was already booked up.  No worries at all.  We walked (ran) around with the little man only to find that the section they marked for his age group was about a third of the size as where they had us for the Toddler Time.  Once our time arrived, we were all so excited to have some fun on the trampolines but shouted at that we (the parents) could not actually go near the trampolines.  What?!  Are you serious?!  We had to stay on the blue carpet.  So, you won’t let me actually play with my little guy?!  I am all for safety but this was ridiculous. You can’t have one set of rules for his age group one day and something different another day.  You also can’t tell me that I can’t help my little man get used to a wobbly surface – he’s still getting used to standing and walking on those little legs.  When we tried to reason with the staff, they kept saying it was because the toddler area was fully booked and too busy so for everyones safety it’s just not allowed.  We even got shouted at for having our “feet on the trampoline”, which you can see in the video below.

Wah wah!  We’ll be checking out Launch Watertown as I’m told they’re all about family fun, being able to interact and play with your little ones.  And this mom wants to be able to enjoy life with my kiddo. There will be plenty of time when he’ll be wanting to get out there on his own but at 18 months, I think jumping on a trampoline is okay to do with his mom. (Below is actual video from our Sunday visit, note the maxed out capacity that prevented us from jumping with our son.)

Sky Zone Everett – Toddler Time – $16 + $2 for socks

Launch Watertown – Toddler Time – $12

What are your favorite Boston places to take your kids?



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