You put yourself last.  You make sure everyone else is taken care of before YOU.  You maybe don’t feel as happy, confident and strong on the inside as you show on the outside.  I am with you.  I have been there.  I have spent my days in leggings and sweatpants, felt depressed at the thought of truly seeing myself in the bathroom mirror.  Struggling everytime I had to wear “normal clothes”.

That was ME.  

But I have gotten myself to the other side.  I have realized that focusing on myself may have been the last thing on my mind but the best thing I could have done not just for myself but also for my family.  I have gained my #momfidence and got my #mombod back and I want to help you do the same.




As a mom, there are always a million things to do and not enough time.  And anything having to do with YOU is always last on that list.

Join me for 5 Days of Toning Your #MOMBOD, where you’ll receive 5 days of total body exercises to rev up that metabolism and get you feeling revitalized and ready to tackle anything that comes your way!

You’ll also receive:
• 5 Days of Total Body Workouts
• Clean eating tips
• Meal planning and Recipes
• Motivation

It’s completely FREE!

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