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Summertime typically means a season of travel. With the kids off from school, it makes it the perfect time to get away with your family. It can also mean it’s the perfect time to get away from your workout routine or indulge in sweets and tempting cocktails like mojitos and margaritas on the beach. But what it doesn’t have to mean is falling off the wagon.

Joine me for 37 days (1 week of prep and 4 weeks of clean eating and 30 minute workouts) for some SUMMERTIME accountability!

I have learned so much about my own personal health & fitness and truthfully how I feel when I fuel up with good food that I don’t want to go back to my old ways! And I want to share that with YOU!

You’ll learn:
* Balance between those summer treats and your goals
* How to travel and eat healthy
* How to make a meal plan
* Healthy summer swaps
* Proper portion size
* 30 minute total body workouts
* At least 1 cheat meal per week

My goal is to teach you how to make a lifestyle change, not a crash diet, or something you feel deprived by!

You will be given KNOWLEDGE, SUPPORT and INSPIRATION daily to workout, eat healthy and crush your goals! Stop making excuses and start forming habits that will last a lifetime.

ARE YOU IN??? Respond that you are GOING to the event, invite some friends & let’s do this!!!

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NOTE: You cannot already be a coach or working with another coach!

The Pursuit of Hydration


AQUA!  Summer feels right around the corner here in Boston and with the warmer temperatures it becomes more important than ever to ensure you are getting enough water.  Fortunately, I have never been a big soda drinker, so water has always been my drink of choice (unless we’re talking about wine – then I’m a Riesling girl all the way or I never turn down a good glass on Prosecco).  But not everyone relishes in a cold glass of water on a long summer day so below are simply a few options to making that h20 a little bit tastier and maybe more refreshing for you.

Something helpful to note: According to the powers that be, it is said that you should be drinking about half your body weight in ounces of water per day.  So, if you’re a 150-pound person, then you should be getting roughly 75 ounces of water a day.  So, drink up my friends!

TIP: Now, if you’re only an occasional drinker then what I find helpful is to slice up the below fruits / veggies, place them in a ziplock baggie and in the freezer.  They stay fresh longer and also become fun versions of ice cubes.




Apples Iron
Blueberries Antioxidants
Grapefruit Flushes out toxins
Lemons Jumpstart your digestive system
Raspberries Fiber
Strawberries Antioxidants
Watermelon Loaded with vitamins


Slice, dice, mix ‘em up, sip and enjoy!