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Summertime typically means a season of travel. With the kids off from school, it makes it the perfect time to get away with your family. It can also mean it’s the perfect time to get away from your workout routine or indulge in sweets and tempting cocktails like mojitos and margaritas on the beach. But what it doesn’t have to mean is falling off the wagon.

Joine me for 37 days (1 week of prep and 4 weeks of clean eating and 30 minute workouts) for some SUMMERTIME accountability!

I have learned so much about my own personal health & fitness and truthfully how I feel when I fuel up with good food that I don’t want to go back to my old ways! And I want to share that with YOU!

You’ll learn:
* Balance between those summer treats and your goals
* How to travel and eat healthy
* How to make a meal plan
* Healthy summer swaps
* Proper portion size
* 30 minute total body workouts
* At least 1 cheat meal per week

My goal is to teach you how to make a lifestyle change, not a crash diet, or something you feel deprived by!

You will be given KNOWLEDGE, SUPPORT and INSPIRATION daily to workout, eat healthy and crush your goals! Stop making excuses and start forming habits that will last a lifetime.

ARE YOU IN??? Respond that you are GOING to the event, invite some friends & let’s do this!!!

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NOTE: You cannot already be a coach or working with another coach!

Taming The Ladies – My Favorite Sports Bras


If you’re anything like me, finding a truly supportive sports bra is anything but fun.  I have always been blessed in the lady department and after having my son and breastfeeding they only got bigger.  With that, it became even harder than before for me to simply pick any bra off the rack and know it would be able to support me.  Wah wah!  I have now been pushed into the realms of doing my research and paying up for ones that truly support so that I am not forced to “double-up” in order to not be hit in the face by my lovely lady parts.

Here are my favorites – they have worked for me, so hopefully they will work for you!


New Balance – The Shockingly Unshocking

Zappos – $50

What I love about this one is that not only is it super supportive but the straps can be altered so that you can easily breastfeed your infant yet it’s not your typical nursing bra that you would only really wear while nursing.  Plus, the fact that the straps have the ability to be adjusted makes it that much more comfortable and molded to your own body.



Moving Comfort – Rebound Racer

Zappos – $50

Like the New Balance bra, this one also have straps that can be adjusted therefore giving you easy access to the ladies for breastfeeding and yet not feel like you shelled out a pretty penny for a bra you will only wear for a year or so then get rid of.   Plus, any sports bra that can be tweaked even just a little bit further for you gets bonus points in my book.



Lululemon – TaTaTamer III

Lululemon – $58

I mean the name says it all!  I was a bit hesitant to try any of the Lululemon sports bras as I always feel like their products tend to be geared towards those who don’t have to worry about serious support but boy was I wrong!  This bra is everything you want in a sports bra – supportive yet feminine looking and all without feeling suffocated as can be the case.



Nike – Pro Bra

Nike – $22.50 – $30

My “go to” sports bra for my everyday activities where I don’t need quite as much support.  It’s only about low / medium support so if you’re planning on running or doing more intense cardio then this isn’t the bra for that.  But it’s super comfortable and they are always coming out with crazy fun prints to give your outfit a little bit of jazz.